Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stranger Things : First Thoughts

Stranger Things : First Thoughts
I watched the first five episodes of this strange show on Netflix. I am enjoying what I am seeing so far. This show lives and breathes the 80s. (early 80s) It truly feels like my childhood given it is set in 1983. 83 still had some 70s elements and this show captures that. It is uncanny how much they captured the early 80s.
I just hope they don't dig themselves in a hole like the Lost writers did with the final season.
~Silent Hill-ish: Yes, this show is influenced by Silent Hill as well with its twisted world. I wonder if this could have been a Silent Hill series with some tweeking.
~Twin Peaks: Clearly someone on the show is a huge fan of Twin Peaks. It certainly has that self contained small town vibe of that earlier show. Stranger Things could very well fit into the Twin Peaks universe
~The John Carpenter sound : Again, someone is vibing off that snyth heavy score. It has that B-Movie sound that you would hear from those low budget horror movies. It sounds very 80s and that Carpenter music. Nice touch.
~John Hughes vibe: the older teens are model after Hughes' movies at the time. Somehow they mix the teen drama/comedy with 80s sci-fi extremely well. You even got the chubby girl that is friends with the cute but very smart female teen. The darker teenager boy that doesn't hang out with the cool kids. You even got the horny jock type.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield

Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield
Okay, AOS has gotten me back into watching the show. I lost interest in the program around the middle of the second season and watched it from time to time during the third season. I guess the show is doing okay because they're still on the air. However, adding Ghost Rider sort of shakes up things. 
The introduction of one of the Ghost Riders to the series has peaked my interest. I watched the first episode and loved the way they handled the character. I am not sure I am as interested in this part of the Marvel universe as the Netflix series of shows, but this is a nice start for those people that lost interest in Agents of Shield. I had forgotten that Marvel received the rights of the character back for their live action universe. (Like Daredevil and the Punisher)
This ghost rider is a newer version and I am glad they're not doing the Johnny Blaze version. (Robbie Reyes) From Wash Post ((Robbie Reyes showing up (played by Gabriel Luna) will hopefully change that. This is the most buzz that’s hovered over an episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in some time. Perhaps producers will see that and we’ll get more of these special super guest appearances. ))
Nic Cage ruined the Blaze version of the character with those horrible movies. That was smart move to go to a newer version and direction. I even like the actor playing him. (I heard the actor is a huge Ghost Rider fan.) Plus, I dig the flaming car more than the motorcycle. 
 It has paid off for ABC because a lot of people DVR-ed the show. I haven't seen buzz this high for AOS in a long time.
It is nice to see Marvel get the GR character back. Now, they need to get their Fantastic Four characters back from FOX. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~That female Tulsa officer that shot and killed that black man with his hands up will be charged with manslaughter. I generally disagree with almost everything that Black Lives Matter stands for, but this is one of those incidents we both agree was wrong. Betty Shelby let her fear of a large black man get to her and she used a fatal technique. It hurts her case when the other officers were using taser guns. I am not sure why Terence Crutcher behaved in a such a strange manner and disregard orders. But, he clearly didn't deserve to die. Now, two lives are ruined due to bad judgments on both their parts. We as black people should know that we have different rules when we encounter cops than white people and we have to behave in a more calm and steady manner. Because, you will get incidents like this one.

~Apple Fanboys: Did you know that my brother is an Apple Fanboy. He drank the kool-aid (apple juice) and will only use Window-Based systems for work because it is required. I not really a huge fanboy, but I liked using the Apple computers at the U of L library. I am not sure why they removed the earphone jack from the iPhone 7. It makes no sense when part of their business is selling super expenisve headphones in the form of Beats by Dre. You paid for this company for about 3 Billion and you cut your own base you paid for. This is what you get when you close out your technology from outside innovation.
~Meeting a High School friend: I met a very close HS friend. Actually, we were very tight from middle school to graduation from HS. Like all high school relationships, we sort of grew apart and didn't keep in contact. Every few years, I'd bump into him. I bumped into him recently at a Kroger store. We talked about things and he seems to finally be in a job he deserves be in because he was always a super smart person with half his attention being into technology. Like me, we both reached milestones in our lives and still aren't married or have children. I find that amusing because most of my friends from HS are NOT married and just live single. However, all my old friends from work are all married and have kids. Very strange.

Bryan Cranston in Babylon 5

Bryan Cranston in Babylon 5
Yes, he is a total badass when it comes to acting today. And, he's been in some major franchises. He will be in the new Power Rangers movie as Zordon, but he also was on the old show back in the day too. I totally forgot he had a famous part on B5. He played a White Star captain that is given the order to sacrifice his ship in order to save lives.
It is a BIG sacrifice. And, it is a powerful scene helped by Cranston's performance.

Pokemon Go Streamer gets mugged live on stream

Pokemon Go Streamer gets mugged live on stream
WTF? Yes, that was extremely scary. What makes it worst is how calmly the mugger told him to take off his equiment. And, check out the reactions from the chat room members. We also see the mugger go through the phone and delete things before the stream goes dead.
You can hear the theft's gold chains as he runs away. I would love to slap the taste out of this guy. And, yes it looks like the robber has a camera on his head too. What the hell?
I've read stories about people getting robbed while playing Pokemon Go. That means people have to be more mindful of their surroundings. Maybe this guy was a bit naive...for 43 year old. Anyway, there was probably nothing he could have done being sucker punched like that .
Plus, his Twitch Stream was suspended. Why? From PC Mag, ((His Twitch account was locked for 24 hours due to a "terms of service violation," but has since been reinstated. ))
Yeah, what terms did he violate? Getting robbed? That's like stepping in dog poop after discovering your car is on fire.
I hope they catch the asshole that robbed him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cory Feldman and that performance

Cory Feldman and that performance
Holy crap, this might be the worst thing he's ever done. The Double Toasted guys showed me this mess of a performance and I couldn't believe it.
First, he is dressed like a cross between MJ and The Undertaker, but a shitter version. And, he looks like a White Walker in the face. What happened to this guy?
Second, why did he think this was going to go over well?: He has proven that his has no musical talent.
Third, what was the point of the band playing behind him? Did we hear them playing?
Fourth, stop with the MJ wet hair. You are not MJ. 
 And, just admit you hired these girls to have sex with them and not the help them out.
This whole Cory's Angels thing is just a bit and nothing more than a way to further his shitty career at any cost. Now, he's milking this incident for all it is worth. And, it is sad seeing him stoop this low given he was one of the “it” stars in the 80s. I remember he dressed up like Michael Jackson at Jackson's wake much to the chagrin of the guests.
I am usually a guy that supports people following their dreams. However, Cory just needs to stop.
Cory is that kid you hated in middle school that thought he was the shit because he his parents had money and gave him everything they wanted. No one had the balls to tell him that everyone hated him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Point Break (2015)

Point Break (2015)

There is nothing good or compelling about this remake to a movie that hasn't aged that well either. However, the original is far more entertaining compare to this lame mess. Even with the new Ghostbusters, this is probably the most boring remake I've seen in a while. (Yes, that includes the new Robocop.) This remake makes the original movie way better.
This movie is both boring and stupid. It has the same plot beats from the original, but there is nothing to grab a hold to. In the original we got these wacky surfer dudes that robbed banks. They were bad guys that were just in it for the money in the end. Here, these bank robbers are more hipster Occupy Wall Street types that give away the money. We get scene upon scene of extreme sports moments that make you forget about the overall plot.
What about the actor Luke Bracey? He plays this version's Johnny Utah. He has a more in common with a piece cardboard than a human being. Yes, Keanu Reeves is better actor than this collection of inert "bag of mostly water". I guess he was only cast for his looks and nothing else. It is bad when Keanu is a better actor than this guy.
Then there is love interest. She is NO Lori Petty. Sorry, this movie can't even get an interesting woman to play the love interest. Again, a bland character with little to no impact on us.
Ray Winstone and Delroy Lindo look like they don't want to be in the movie. Winstone is playing Gary Busey's character but not even as manic, which made the original stand out.
The original movie was interested in the heist portions as much as the extreme beliefs of the robbers. This movie spends more time showing us "exciting" extreme sports scenes as the heist stuff is put on the back-burner. The movie spends too much time worrying up showing us "cool extreme" sports scenes than even telling a cool bank heist movie. I find that funny because even the first Fast and Furious movie was about to balance that out, while making the character at least interesting.
All the characters in this movie are bland and complete cardboard cutouts. I couldn't tell one from the other, yet the movie wants me to feel for everyone character that dies in the movie. They're all bland. They have no edge or crazy side to them other than doing extreme sports. These characters should only be extras in Mountain Dew commercials instead of being main characters in a freaking Point Break movie.
This is not a Point Break movie.
What is the point of the movie? It is one of the lamest movies I've ever seen.
The Fast and Furious is a better remake than this bland toast of a movie. If you're going to make it more about the extreme nature of these guys, then don't use the IP of Point Break in your otherwise sports movie. I can't see how the studio thought this could have been anything but a piece of shit. Unlike the original bad guys, it has no bite or crazy hippie stuff. The movie has a hard time trying to portray its villains as actually villain and just wants to be an extreme sports movie.
F' this movie.
Grade: F-

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Issac Hayes and the Space Church

Issac Hayes and the Space Church
Yes, things got very bad between the South Park guys and Issac Hayes. I remember that Trey and Matt made statements that Hayes did not quit the show on his own. It should be noted that the Church is heavily connect to their stars. And, it seemed they were pushing around Issac in his final days.
His son revealed that someone in the church forced him to leave the show and that's pretty shitty.
From HitFix, (("Isaac Hayes did not quit South Park; someone quit South Park for him," said Hayes III of his father, who died in 2008. "What happened was that in January 2006 my dad had a stroke and lost the ability to speak. He really didn't have that much comprehension, and he had to relearn to play the piano and a lot of different things. He was in no position to resign under his own knowledge. At the time, everybody around my father was involved in Scientology — his assistants, the core group of people. So someone quit South Park on Isaac Hayes' behalf. We don't know who."
Read more at ))
I remember when Jason Lee asked Kevin Smith to remove a reference to Scatology in his Dogma script. Members really can't be associated with media that makes fun of their “religion”. I liked Hayes' music and VO work, but hated the fact he was associated with this kooky church. The show makes fun of every religion, but when they make fun of Scientology Issac had to leave. Really, Scientology?
BTW, the South Park RPG references the Trapped in the Closet episode with Tom Cruise still in the closet if you knock. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Joker Trolling: Smilex

Joker Trolling: Smilex
I remember laughing my ass off when I saw this scene in the theater. And, anytime I hear Brand X, I think of “He's been using brand Xsssssssss.” There were supposed to be more scenes with the Joker trolling Gotham, but they were cut out.
I also love that he actually kidnapped two people and used one of them for his Smilex brand. 
Does this remind you of the Max Headroom hack that happened in real life?  It kind of does.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) Part 2 of 3

The Main Cast

 For the most part, the four ladies are pretty good in their parts. However, a lot of their personality is rather bland. It feels like Feig and the writers didn't want to give his characters any personality at all. And, that was part of the charm of the original movie. Other than Wiig and McCarthy, there really isn't that much chemistry between the four ladies. (BTW, there is no Ron Jeremy cameo in this movie)
Kristen Wiig: She is more or less the lead character, but Wiig is a bit of a bland person. Wiig has little to no character development, and she is the lead of the movie to boot. However, there is a nice and creepy backstory with her dealing with a ghost during her childhood. This could have brought more character development to this bland character, but this is not brought up again. And, there is no connected to the overall ghost plot. Was there more to this character plot?
Melissa McCarthy : She is a bit restrained, but alright. She is clearly channeling some of her earlier roles. I did like that McCarthy is a true believer and into all the busting stuff. However, the Chinese food running joke is NOT funny. McCarthy is funny is everything she's in, but she feels a bit restrained in her part. I think she is at her best when she is let loose.
Leslie Jones: Jones isn't as annoying as they portrayed her in the trailer, but those scenes are still there. She is a female version of Ernie Hudson and not the stereotype that the trailer makes her out to be. I would have just made her a blue-collar woman looking for a job instead of a subway clerk leaving her job to be a GB. Being a subway clerk is a pretty good job in New York right? She gets lost in the mayhem by the third act. However, I like Jones.
Kate McKinnon : She is the Doc Brown of this series. I know most people are torn about Kate's portrayal. I like her character though because she isn't bland character. Plus, the writers aren't scared of making her creepy. She is a bit Doc Brown and a bit of Egon. She is the one that creates all the gadgets and it is believable that she would create them.
You also have great character actors peppered throughout the film too. Ed Begley Jr., Charles Dance , and Michael McDonald have small parts in the story. However, there are given little to nothing compelling to do in the movie. You can't have Dance in your movie and never pay off his character. I would have had Dance's character be forced to call the GB to bust a ghost. Have him eat crow and apologize to Wiig's character. (Dance was her boss)
This Edit
There are two big issues with this remake/reboot. The editing is really uneven and script is unfinished. Sometimes the scenes run a bit too long so everyone gets their improvisational jokes and other times the movie cuts away when something interesting is brought up. The Nostalgia Critic brought it up in his review. Let the movie breathe a bit.
Yes, the original had entire subplot cut from the film, but it still had character moments. Here, scenes will linger too long and other scenes will be cut short.
Where are the montages of the ladies busting ghosts? Let's see them kicking asses and taking names. Nope. We don't have to for that it seems.
There is also the very strange edit to the dance number. From the get-go, Feig wanted to have a huge dance number with the cops and the US army being possessed by the main villain. The main villain would have made all the people dance to a song. This was partly filmed, but quickly cut from the movie. He makes them pose and they just stand there in the final cut. What was the point? This scene cost Sony a lot of money and it isn't even in the movie except for the raw cut in the credits.
Is this scene really something that should be in a GB movie? I am not sure, and it probably is too goofy for even GB.
The script is lacking heart, humor and a proper bad ass villain...

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