Thursday, October 20, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Getting that mental help: I am working on getting a therapist this month. I fallen into such a bad runt that I have to get out of it. Plus, I have to find a way to not carry so much anger for my job. Even setting foot inside the place brings up major anger. And, getting through 3+ hours is too long for me. However, I have to deal with being there due to my healthcare. Because I am a night worker, it is hard to get in touch with people in the field. However, I am working on it. 
~Pocket Dial: Remember when this was a huge problem? You would get that random call from a friend on your cell phone. And, the phone call would be of people talking to each other. You've been butt dialed. I had a friend that broke it off with his baby's mom and went on a date with another woman. He accidentally pocket dialed her. She sat there and listened to the entire date! And, then chewed him out over it. Really?
~Honest Trailers takes on Ghostbusters: And, I agree with them. I love that they talk about cutting off comments and they did...and it was just a joke, but it is very much a real thing. Even turning off comments is now a political statement or something. The movie didn't turn out the way anyone wanted, but it was neither a hit or a bomb. It was just there. And, thank you for making fun of the main villain. And, everyone hated the updated theme song.
~Joss Whedon wanting to do a Star Wars movie: I was going to talk him down from doing it due to the backlash he got on Twitter over Ultron. However, a standalone SW movie would work for him. Give him a bounty hunter SW movie and he'd do well with it. His cheeky writing would work in a SW franchise. I re-watched Ultron and I have enjoyed it even more.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Berenstain Bears: “Berenstein Bears” AVGN

Berenstain Bears: “Berenstein Bears” AVGN
I love this video by the AVGN.
I used to read these books as a child all the time. While I remember the “Berenstain Bears”, I can see how some people might remember them being the Berestein Bears.
From Wiki, ((Many people incorrectly remember the name of the series as the "Berenstein Bears". This confusion has generated multiple humorous theories to explain the memories, including an unannounced name change, time travel, or parallel universes and has been described as an instance of the Mandela effect ))
Yes, there has been a great deal of discussion on this issue and AVGN took it to the next level.
BTW, the Berenstain Bears are still popular today and have had many shows on the air.
I wish I still had those old childhood books. I never knew anything about the video games though.

Supergirl (season 2) thoughts

Supergirl (season 2) thoughts
The first episode is probably the best episode of the show I've seen since the Flash/Supergirl crossover.  This is classic Superman and Supergirl except with newer costumes. Why is it that DC TV seems to get it right, but the movie division can't? 
Superman would show up off screen or in the distance in the first season, but now they are bringing him in front and center. 
-Tyler Hoechlin is my Superman: He is a cross between the animated and the 70s/80s Superman. He plays the bumbling Clark Kent well and has the right amount of coolness when playing Superman. I know people are talking about giving him his own show, but I think he works better showing up here from time to time.
-Supergirl and Superman: I love seeing these two together. They have good chemistry together. I love seeing them work like a team right off the bat. Melissa Benoist works well with other superheroes.
-Superman The Movie and Superman II “happened” in this continuity: There are references to the final act of Superman 1 and Luthor's arrest. It is a nice nod to the 8os Superman movies. So, similar plot points happened in this continuity that came from the original series of movies. Very interesting.
-Miss Teschmacher!!!: Yes, this was a callback to the old Superman movie with the same name. Teschmacher worked for Luthor in the old movie, but works for Cat Grant in the new show. Another writer brought up an interesting point about her being an Luthor plant or it could be a clever reference and nothing more.
-Will we see Otis show up too? “Sorry, Mr. Luu-Thor.”: Given how bright and fluffy this show has become, why not have Luthor's goofy assistant show up? 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Circuit City

Circuit City
“Where service is state of the art.”
I used to love going to these stores. It was like going to a toy store for nerds and geeks. I also remember when these stores started to disappear too and being replaced with Best Buy stores. Now, people flock to these stores on Black Friday. It was a more modern and bigger Radio Shack and without all the strange exclusives.
A Walmart grocery store now stands where the Circuit City store I was located.
Do retail stores generally have expiration dates? Is Best Buy next?

That awkward date... (Chris Chan)

That awkward date...
I've been on a Chris Chan rabbit hole for a few weeks now.  
At times I feel bad for Chris Chan, then he gets creepy or says something homophobic or racist. I have been on some really bad awkward dates, but never this creepy. This is the incident where a female troll went on a “date” with Chris. Chris' father showed up on the date and this is the aftermath. A guy in a banana suit appeared and saved the female troll. You can hear the disappointment in his voice when banana guy shows up.
The female troll was certainly taking a lot of chances. Chris is a very dangerous person when it comes to women and you can hear some of that in this video. Also, this troll did her research and mentions his Wendy's job...where he got fired for scaring a child.
I haven't been on a date in years. Is going to the mall a proper first date location? 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bill Withers: Lovely Day

Bill Withers: Lovely Day
I had totally forgotten about this classic song until I reheard it on a rewatch of Roll Bounce. I loved this song growing up and it brings back memories of a more laid back time. I enjoy listening to Bill's laid back voice.
Did you know that Ray Parker Jr. played on this track? Yep, the guy that the Ghostbusters song. He played Guitar.
And, this song is famous for the long note that Bill holds at the end of the song. I've tried holding the note, but I always find myself out of air. I can hold the other ones, but not the super long one (18 seconds).
There was another version of this song that came out in 1987. It was called the Sunshine Mix. They added all the annoying stuff from the 80s into the song and it became popular again. I am not a huge fan of this mix.
Maroon 5 did an very good version of the song with more strings. Check it out. I like this version too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Squeaking Bed as a beat (rap song) (Clean)

Squeaking Bed as a beat (rap song) (Clean)
I randomly remember hearing a very dirty song that used a bed squeaking as a beat. And, I put it Squeaking bed in a rap song and this popped up. It was right on target. This song is very dirty, but it has a clean version that played on the of clean version. And, when I say dirty I mean 2 Live Crew dirty. The name of the song is “Some Cut” by Trillville.
BTW, this song is over 11 years old. Damn, I feel old.

Power Rangers Trailer

Power Rangers Trailer
Okay, they got the "teens with attitude" right. However, it feels very-very 90s WB in some places in the trailer. This has me worried a bit. However, I am pleased they're not going for the corny/campy stuff from the series (The series got more serious as it went on though)
I loved seeing this creepy version of Rita. She feels more like a Marvel movie villain than a cheesy character that talks loud. Okay, I like what you're doing with her.I am down with Elizabeth Banks as Rita.
And, where is Bulk and Skull? 
There WILL be an Alpha 5.   
I didn't like the trendy song played at the beginning and some of the acting is a bit off.
I am not sure I could sit through a modern Rangers movies. We'll see. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Movie Critic Gets into some Big Trouble

Movie Critic Gets into some Big Trouble
I was going to write about this Trump (grab them) incident, but instead something more crazy came up on my side of the world with a movie blogger. Devin Faraci, former editor in chief of Birth.Movies.Death, made some tweets about the famous Trump Tapes on Twitter.
((The most telling thing about the Trump tape? He wasn't talking with his best friends. He was boasting to a TV host. ))
Then a female Twitter person replied with, (( @spacecrone, “quick question:  do you remember grabbing me by the p—y and bragging to our friends about it, telling them to smell your fingers?” ))
And, then he made this damning statement in this reply. (( “I can only believe you and beg forgiveness for having been so vile.” ))
Either he's done this to so many women that he can't even remember it or he was so drunk that he can't remember. However, a statement like this puts a nail in your coffin. It just feels like he probably has done this in the past.
So, now he's lost his job as editor of his website. From Variety, ((In a message to friends and readers, Faraci wrote, “This weekend allegations were made about my past behavior. Because I take these types of claims seriously I feel my only honorable course of action is to step down from my position as Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death. I will use the coming weeks and months to work on becoming a better person who is, I hope, worthy of the trust and loyalty of my friends and readers.” ))
Devin has always been a controversial figure. (Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Gamergate). It does not come as a shock that he has been accused of this thing. I wasn't a fan of his before this story broke, but I defended him when his co-host attacked GoodFellas on his podcast. However, I always viewed him as one of those pretentious reviewers that tried to add things to movies that weren't there. And, he condemned people for being on the wrong side of issues.
Make sure to read the other Tweets by the female tweeter.  

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) Part 3 of 3

 The Villain (sort of?)
The main villain is one of the worst bad guys I've seen since Battlefield Earth. This villain is in the form of the human named Rowan North, Rowan is played poorly by Neil Casey. Casey plays Rowan so weak and uninteresting that it brings down the film. Why not get a more menacing actor to play this character.
Rowan is supposed to be this nerd character that has a major chip on his shoulder. He feels like he's been pushed around and overlooked his whole life. He wants to see the world burn with crossing the undead world with the real world. That is pretty much his goal. Give us more, movie.
And, what was his point of killing himself anyway? What was the point? It falls for a weak villain in the same manner as GB2's main villain. Make him creepy, but not pathetic.
And, was this a bash against the nerd culture? The movie goes out of its way to put nerds/geeks in a bad light. And, using the promise of using a weepy-creepy outsider as your powerful villain seems like a cheap shot. Then, the makers of this movie turn Rowan into a CGI/Thor character that forces the government folks to dance.
The villain and the YouTube diss are really the only things that stick out as the director and studio having an axe to grind against its fanbase. Why weaken your movie by having this be your main villain? (Star Wars The Force Awakens does a better job giving us a weak minded yet menacing villain. Ren is a fanboy of Vader, but he is also deadly with his untapped power. It can be done.)
Why not have Charles Dance as your main villain instead? You have Dance in your movie and completely waste him. Dance lives to be the main villain.
Useless and Dropped Stuff
The government subplot is a new twist on the GB mythology, but that isn't fully realized and not fleshed out. The local and national governments talk badly about the GB in the media and thank them for solving problems behind the scene. However, this isn't fully realized with the time we have with this story. What was the point if it doesn't help the plot or make it funny? This government subplot has been around since the very beginning of the reboot's first draft. And, it doesn't work.
What about the actual ghostbusting? There is not much in the movie until the final part of the third act.
Here the thing; we don't get those montages of them doing their job and busting ghosts. We need to see them doing their job and busting ghosts. We see them bust one
Then there is the Bill Murray side story that shows the real problem the script. while the movie goes out of its way to have cameos from people from the first movie, Bill Murray sort of plays a certal role with the overall story...kind of. Bill's character is a non-believer in the ghost stuff and is against the GB team. (Bill goes out of his way to not care about being in the damn movie.) The GB team bust their asses to bust ONE ghost and they let it go in order to prove that ghosts are real. In the process, the ghost kills Bill Murray's character! The police show up and the entire plot point is dropped and no one references the scene after that. A Ghostbuster let loose a dangerous ghost and there is no pay off. (Huh?)
What was the point of catching, releasing the ghost and killing off Murray's character? Nothing.
It is a complete waste of plot and time. And, it makes the GBs look really bad.
In the End...
Despite all the controversy, the movie doesn't amount to anything good or that bad either. The movie feels unfinished and uneven. The writing feels like an early draft that was thrown into production with not much forethought. The movie doesn't hold a candle to the original. It doesn't even have the funny jokes the second movie had. However, the acting isn't that bad given the bad writing. The movie isn't well made, funny or entertaining, and that should be the issue people should be talking about. Ghostbusters isn't the train wreck or dumpster fire that its enemy wanted,but people shouldn't support it for its political aspects either.
It is just mundane and that shouldn't what comes from a Ghostbuster movie.
Grade: D+

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