Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lower the Roof

Sometimes, being a shitty person runs in the family.
Church shooter Dylann Roof's sister decided to act like her older brother and bring a weapon to school during the protest. Way to be stupid.
From NY, (( was arrested on Wednesday for bringing a knife, pepper spray and marijuana to her high school, the authorities said. ))
Like all stupid people, she went on social media to proclaim her racism and bring attention to herself. We're not talking about a “smooth criminal” here. So, you're walking dirty with drugs and weapons and then decided to make a racially charged post. I guess the whole entire family is terrible.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Richard Pryor's son bombs

Richard Pryor's son bombs
Damn, just stop. I've been told I should try stand-up comedy, but I couldn't imagine this bullshit. This would destroy me. Being an expert at failing, I understand what Mason Pryor is going through.
Perhaps you shouldn't start out with a Trump joke. You probably should eased into that sort of joke.
I am of two minds of the situation.
I generally hate second generation performers that think they can ride on the coattails of their parents. I think of Jaden Smith in the same manner. These kids grow up in the shadows of their famous parents and want to follow in their footsteps. However, they don't want to put in the work.
However, I do believe people should “follow their dreams”. Just keep in mind the deck is stacked against you.
Pryor's other kid actually has talent. Rain Pryor is his daughter and she is an extremely good actress. You might remember her from the series Head of the Class.
Are we going to see the Eddie Murphy kids try their hand at comedy soon? He has a lot of children too.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot Problems revisited

Hot Problems revisited
When I think of Hot Problems, I believe it deals with things like fire or fire.
For some reason, this stupid song popped into my head. This “song” came out in 2012. This was before everyone started shouting at each other and calling everything problematic. I think this is an STD of the Friday song. It is a really bad song, but the music is actually worse than the “singing”.
This is the theme song for every popular girl in high school.  For each "hot girl" that peaked in HS.  
From the Wiki page, (("We don't think that we're that hot," the teens told ABC regarding their lyrics. Garrett and Willey also told ABC that they are "open" to careers as songwriters.[6] The teens stated that they made the song because they wanted something funny to show to their friends and didn't mean anything from it. “We knew that we couldn’t actually sing, so we decided to go for more of a talking singing,” Garrett told the media outlet ))
In 2018, the song has 19K dislikes. Well done, Double Take. I do believe they were making this song for the lulz and troll bait. I believe these two girls were still in high school when they made this shitty song.
So, what did Double Take do after Hot Problems? They made a few more songs before fading away with Grumpy Cat. It seems like the Double Take crew is still around via Twitter.  

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Guess who has a documentary coming out?

Guess who has a documentary coming out?
Yes, Rachel Dolezal annoys me to no end. She basically made race and the discussion of race into a freak show. Like warts, she keeps popping up despite the fact no one wants her around. I am not the only one not too pleased with her showing up in my feed.
From NY Daily,((Social media users criticized the streaming service for giving renewed attention to Dolezal — the former president of an NAACP chapter who was born white but portrayed herself as black for years — when it could have spotlighted people with honest backstories instead. ))
Despite this hatred, I will check the movie out. Hey, it has to be a train wreck.  It just bothers me that we can't call it what it is...blackface.  

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Down Under and Kookaburra lawsuit

I was randomly listening to Men at Work's Down Under. Given I am a child of the 80s, I love this happy little song.
I dig some digging and discovered there was a recent lawsuit against the band. The lawsuit claimed that the song ripped off the children song Kookaburra.
From the Wiki Page, ((In June 2009, Larrikin Music sued the band Men at Work for copyright infringement, alleging that part of the flute riff of the band's 1981 single "Down Under" was copied from "Kookaburra". This action followed an episode of Spicks and Specks where this usage was the basis of a panel question ))
The copyright owners won the lawsuit, yet it wasn't as big as they wanted. The Copyright owner wanted 60% of the song's profit, but the court only gave him 5% from 2002 and onward.
Side Note: I side with Men at Work, but... In the music video, it doesn't help their case that the flute player is sitting in a tree playing the riff just like the Kookaburra lyrics say. But still...
From the wiki page, ((On 30 July 2009, Justice Peter Jacobson of the Federal Court of Australia made a preliminary ruling that Larrikin did own copyright on the song, but the issue of whether or not songwriters Colin Hay and Ron Strykert had plagiarised the riff would be determined at a later date.[7][8] On 4 February 2010, Justice Jacobson delivered his judgment that Men at Work had infringed Larrikin's copyright, and that both recordings submitted to the court "... reproduce a substantial part of Kookaburra" ))
I call this lawsuit bullshit. And, it amazes me that the lawsuit came about nearly twenty to thirty years after the 80s Men at Work song came out. I am guessing the copyright holder was running out of money and wanted to make some quick big bucks. I don't like the new trend of suing artist that are just riffs on older songs, but not a clear case of ripping off the song. I feel the same way about the Blurred Lines lawsuit.  There are tributes and riffs and straight up ripoffs.  This wasn't a ripoff.  
Yes, the rhythmic parts are very similar, but the key is different and the riffs are different on the flute parts. Asking for a big chunk of the profits is a bit too much. One of the things that stood out about the song was the wonderful flute solo. It was the flute solo that got Men at Work in trouble. It is just amazing it came after the fact and decades after the song was a hit.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Spoony, come back

This weekend, I decided to re-watch a bunch of Spoony's old videos from his earlier from his reviewer time. His DOA movie review is brilliantly funny. He influenced the way I reviewed movies, especially bad movies. It is amazing to watch him go downhill. And, it is interesting that I am going through some major depression issues just like Spoony. Yet, I really don't have the same support like he did to keep him to create creative things.
It is a real shame to see him in his current state. He longer does review, but just sits there and stares at video games under his banner of Live Wire.
He also started to become a Twitter addict and only ranted about Trump for days. Here's the problem; people didn't pay you money to send out tweets. People liked your personality and your videos. He doesn't understand that people were paying him 5K a month for his reviews and not paying him to tweet about Trump. So, his Patreon went from 5K to 514 bucks in the span of two-three years. That's a big decline.
The kicker is he was recently kicked off Twitter for good. So, he has no reason not to get back to making good videos again. Yet, he is still making these boring Live Wire vids. And, his last Live Wire was three weeks ago.
Like DSP and Chris Chan, he now refuses to go out and get a real job. So, he sinks into more depression and bills.
It is time for him to get some help and get back to being entertaining and stop using social media. 

DSP tries it: Getting owned by a 11-year-old-girl.

DSP tries it: Getting owned by a 11-year-old-girl.
"Right behind you, idiot."
Brilliant. I didn't want to make another post about this man-child so soon, but this little gem came up and I had to comment and share it. He was playing VR Chat and a little girl belittle him in front of his stream. Instead of taking the comment in stride and making a joke, he feels threatened by the girl calling him names. He makes the Bitch-slap comment after he left the chat room. Yeah, you're a real badass, DSP.
Yeah, calling a little girl a bitch of a kid is a real low. However, DSP has a record of doing shitty things.
I would have laughed and made fun of myself. I love that he got worked up over this moment.
He then talks even more shit about the 11-year-old.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Devin and his new site: Word Down

Instead of just disappearing for good, Devin F is back. This time he has a new site.
From ((According to the site’s About section, Cinema Sangha is “dedicated to the points where pop culture and spiritual principles meet.” Faraci is described as “A film critic and pop culture commentator for a decade before he hit bottom in 2016. Losing everything he once held as important, he discovered a new way of living, aided by 12 step recovery and Therevada Buddhism.” ))
Get the f' out of here. That's putting a new coat of paint on a pile of shit.

The other problem with Devin is that he burned so many bridges that he has no one to defend or white knight for him. Trying to be the Howard Stern of movie bloggers has harmed him and no one from any side of the political groups wants anything to do with him.
From the Hollywood Reporter, ((Faraci notes that he was “terrified” to speak to her. She also conducts a separate interview with his accuser, Caroline.
I was suicidal. I thought I was the worst person who ever lived,” Faraci tells Salbi. “I was a total asshole to so many people. And I saw that as a sign of strength, dominance.”))
From Geek Girl Diva ((f your site mixes your personal insights with your professional life, then being honest about your personal life is step one. If you're in recovery, then truth means the full truth.
Devin has consistently taken only a certain % of the responsibility, which means he took none.))
And, that's part of the problem he refuses to either come completely out with what he did or totally deny it. It seems odd. Given all the virtue signaling he did, he can't bring himself to reveal what he did. That means this Buddhist personal is total bullshit and just another way for him to avoid getting another job like cleaning fast food restaurants.
And, I can't buy that this new hippy-dippy website is legit. I guess time will tell.

Side Note: Given his behavior and actions, his blog has already got 27 supporters on Patreon. How many do I have? Zero. Even pieces of shit get more money than me. God, I love it. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Random Things

Random Things
~Feeling less depressed: I am feeling a bit better outside of work. I haven't been sleeping 20+ hours as usual. I am used to sleeping and dilly-dallier around. I am still not motivated to go see Black Panther just yet. And, I am loving the Marvel movies, so there you go. I want to see it, but I cant deal with crowds in my grumpy mood.
~update on the boob lady: The woman that decided to pop out her boob has decided to tattoo her catchphrase on her body. I am guessing she got fired for showing a bit more extra flesh. I guess she is proud of her behavior. I am looking more into her and if she did get fired. Or her reasoning behind it.  I do find it interesting that her boss sided with her and wanted the woman out.  
~Best SNL Eddie Murphy moment: He screws up in character and addresses it in character.
~DSP gets suspended from Twitch: I love that he won't share the reason behind his suspension from Twitch. Basically, the theory is he was begging too much and trying to use a fundraiser to save his house. Having a fundraiser for yourself is illegal. He is going to have to get a real job at some point.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Stormy" Weather for Trump

Stormy Daniels and the President
I usually don't talk about Trump that much because it makes no difference. Just as I can't under people that devote their entire Twitter life about Trump. I literally watched a guy tweet about Trump as his marriage was destroyed. However, this story is too funny not to pass up.
If we were in the 90s, this would have been a huge scandal. Now, everyone has a pornstar story...except for me.
If you hire a clown, you get a clown president. I enjoy how the religious right is refusing to bash Trump over this shit. Clinton banged 4-5s in the White House, but Trump bangs Playboy girls and pornstars and they look the other way.
Given the number of scandals and bullshit, this pornstar story has taken a side-line. We would have been knee deep into this story if this were the 90s. However, now it is just a blip.
While I wouldn’t turn my nose to Stormy Daniels, I am more into the girl next door pornstars like Riley Reid. She has really bit 80s pornstar hair and fake boobs. She is just as fake and plastic as our President. I also find it fitting that she is doing strip club appearances and no one cares. While I don't see eye to eye with Vice now, they do have an amusing story about her tumbleweed appearance at a strip club with 80s music. Stormy, you don't want to be associated with this guy. Just move on.
I really can’t give two craps about the type of people Trump sleeps with, but you can’t have the support of the religious right. You can't side with the religious stuff when you cheat on your wife. Bill Clinton can get away with it because he was on the other side.

Look, I hate Trump, but at this point, nothing shocks me. He has made a joke of the office since taking office. Banging a pornstar is just business as usual. The far right wanted a President to protect their jobs, but he's too busy having Twitter wars instead. How about you put down the pornstar and the Twitter and do your damn job?  
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